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can be tough!

Our lactation cookies, rusks and premixes boosts and maintain a mama’s milk supply. Try our products today by visiting our online store.

You and your baby will notice the results.

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Mamma, we have you covered with our amazing Milk Boosting rage of Lactation Goodies.

All our products are Fenugreek Free and full of natural galactagogues that will help boost and maintain your breastmilk supply

  1. Cookie Lovers

We have 3 delicious flavours to choose from. All you need is 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon (that’s if you can limit yourself!). Our lactation cookies are gluten free and hard to resist.

  1. Lactation Cookie Premixes

Are great for the mamma’s that love to bake and are so easy, you could do one-handed. Our premixes come in 3 flavours and a basic option that you can keep plain or add in your own additions.

  1. Lactation Granola

Only 4 tablespoons are all you require a day to boost that breastmilk supply. Add to your yoghurt with fruit, eat as a snack or even add to your smoothie. You will battle to find a tastier granola than Nursing Mamma’s lactation Granola

  1. Breastfeeding Protein Shakes

Come in Vanilla and Chocolate, for the moms watching their weight or wanting an on-the-go solution. These Milk Maker Shakes are high in protein, Vegan, Dairy Free, Whey Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, GMO Free and Fenugreek Free.

  1. Milk Maker Capsules

These golden nuggets are incredible at Boosting your Breastmilk Supply, 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening are all you require!

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My name is Tracy Loumeau and I am a mom of two beautiful boys, a very active 9 year old and a busy little baby. I had no problems breastfeeding my 9 year old, Jordan. I had a never ending supply of breastmilk! When falling pregnant with my second, Jaxon, I never thought I would have a problem with my breastmilk supply.

When Jax was a fresh 10 days old and was going through a cluster feed with a growth spurt, my breastmilk supply took a major dip! After having a crazy freak out and frantically scrolling through the internet to find ways of increasing my milk supply, I came across online stores selling lactation cookies, but they were all overseas. So, I did some research and made myself a batch. One Boobie Biscuit later, I managed to do a feed and still express!

From this experience, and out of the love for my babies, Nursing Mamma was born.

Being able to relate to the stress that is experienced in breastfeeding and being a support for many moms, is what keeps us going and energised.